Enjoy the most authentic Chinese dining experience in your kitchen.

What We Do


Delivering the real taste of China, with the boldest flavours. We are preparing you some of the most complex, impossible to home-make, dishes in Chinese cuisine. Then you can cook them in your own kitchen in less than 10 minutes.

One off purchase, no subscription, no cancelling, no fuss. We are confident that you will be back.

We take care of all the preparations and delivery
So you can cook and savour every moment
Dinner ready in just 10 minutes
with no wastage


全網好評 | 新鮮食材的即烹食品
Sichuan Numbing and Spicy Beef
真正餐廳味道 |全網好評不是空穴來風

True Restaurant Quality at Home!

Our flavour triumphs over 90% of Chinese Restaurants in London (According to our customers)
Fujian Soy Fish (Sea Bass)
無需洗菜動刀 | 70%的餐品10分鐘內完成

So Quick! So Easy!

No knife needed: we take care of all the complex steps, with over half of our delicious dishes ready in 10 minutes or less.
No Subscription!
無需訂閱 |產品優先 | 隨賣 隨食 隨心情

No Subscription!

One off purchase, no subscription, no cancelling, no fuss. We are confident that you will be back.

7 Days a Week, Order Before 3pm to Enjoy the Amazing Food Tomorrow!



What our customers say
There’s a reason I keep ordering.Justin Jules

Honestly one of my favourite places to order food from. I always enjoy trying something new. The recipes are very easy to follow on YouTube.

Fabulous food and first-class customer servicesY Liu

I've been a customer of Wowza for a while. Everything is incredibly yummy and authentic. The price is reasonable considering the portion size. And most importantly Wowza offers great customer services. We had two minor issues before and both been perfectly solved within minutes. I mean, it's rare in this country. So I would highly recommended Wowza to anyone wants to try the real Chinese cuisine.

Bloody lovely foodSimon Mason

Bloody lovely food - interesting well considered dishes. Quick delivery and well packaged. Video instructions are a little tricky when cooking multiple dishes but will definitely order again!


Refined and Timeless: Discover the Culinary Legacy of Chinese Cuisine

Each classic Chinese dish on our menu has undergone centuries of refinement, with recipes perfected over time by our culinary ancestors. Behind every iconic dish lies a dedication to culinary craftsmanship, driven by the unwavering pursuit of deliciousness. It is a testament to people's inherent love for exquisite flavours. Indulge in our rich culinary heritage, where each bite tells a story of the enduring quest for gastronomic excellence.

See how simple it is to cook with wowza!

我們負責困難的部分 您負責有趣的部分 美味如此簡單
chef hat icon

1. We do the hard bit

Our Head Chef Joshy Jin and his kitchen team, strictly follow top end restaurant procedures to prepare each ingredient.
cooking pot icon

2. You do the fun bit

You cook the freshly prepped ingredients following the simple video instructions, which takes as little as 10 mins. No knives needed.

3. Eat Amazing food!

Enjoy the flavours you have never had in your home before.

Naturally Fresh.
Locally Sourced.
Carefully Selected.

每一口都是 新鮮 美味 健康 安心

Our Suppliers

At WowzaBox, we take great pride in the quality and origin of our ingredients. By sourcing our meat and fish from the UK and Europe, we aim to support local farmers and fishmongers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and traceability.

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.

Our Sustainability Efforts


Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, preserving freshness, and reducing food waste. However, it should never come at the expense of our environment.
At WowzaBox, we are committed to transforming our approach to packaging and embracing a sustainable future. That's why we wholeheartedly abide by the principle of "reduce, reuse, recycle", ensuring that our packaging practices align with our environmental values.

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