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Chef Prepared Premium Asian Meal Kits:

  • One-Off Purchase, No Commitment.
  • Ready in 10 mins. Chef-Prepared
  • Fresh Ingredients, Premium Restaurant Quality
  • Next Day Delivery, 6 Days a Week
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See how simple it is to cook with wowza!

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Choose your dishes and sides

  • Rich Flavours from Different Eastern Regions
  • Seasonal Menus to Satisfy Your Palate
  • Timeless Delicacies Crafted from Culinary Heritage
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Schedule a Delivery

  • Tuesday to Sunday
  • No extra delivery charge on weekends
  • Option for next-day delivery if you order by 3 PM

Easy, Delicious, Great Value for Money

  • On your doorstep the next day
  • Easy-to-follow video instructions
  • Delicious meal ready in just 5-10 mins
  • Generous Portions for Great Value.

See What Our Happy Food Lovers Have to Say





Really worth a try if you love Chinese food - far superior to anything from your local takeaway!

I was bloody delighted to find Wowza box as all the delicious sauces have been ready made and it is genuinely super quick to prepare the meals. Plus they don't overpackage stuff like other meal boxes I tried.

Justin Jules


There’s a reason I keep ordering!

Honestly one of my favourite places to order food from. I always enjoy trying something new. The recipes are very easy to follow on YouTube.

Emma Bennett


Everything is so delicious!

Everything is so delicious! Comes perfectly packaged and incredibly easy to make. I love the spicy numbing fish!



Spectacular food! great business!

We had a fantastic experience with wowza, the food is honestly spectacular. The sizzling beef, the dan dan noodles, and the red oil noodles are up there with the nicest food I've ever had!

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We Love WowzaBox!

We love Wowzabox! The meals are super quick and easy to cook, which is really appreciated when we get home late during the week, and the meals are really tasty and authentic. We’ve been ordering them for a few months now and can’t rate them highly enough!

Browse Our Seasonal New Dishes

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Guizhou Chilli Chicken

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Guizhou Vegan Hot and Soup Soup

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Mopo Tofu

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Mongolian Lamb Stir-fry

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More Taste, Less Waste, and Time Well Saved!

We are the UK's first meal kit brand specialising in Authentic Chinese cuisine, and our customers are all drawn by their love for our products.

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Our Suppliers

We believe that quality is paramount.
Our food suppliers are carefully selected from the local Northeast England region:

  • Beef and Chicken: 40 years of experience from Local Butterworths.
  • Pork: Sourced from Belgium and Germany.
  • Seafood and Fish: 85 years of experience from the local fishmonger, Taylor Seafoods, with ASC and MSC certifications.
  • Vegetables: Provided by Hillheads, a local farmer with 80 years of experience supporting the North East.
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Our Sustainability Efforts

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

  • 95% Recycled packaging
  • 50% plastic less used and keep decreasing the rate
  • 100% carbon neutral delivery nationwide
  • Zero food waste

Our Philosophy

Refined and Timeless: Discover the Culinary Legacy of Chinese Cuisine

Experience the true essence of Chinese cuisine as we bring you the most authentic flavours and signature dishes from various regions of China.Each classic Chinese dish on our menu has undergone centuries of refinement, with recipes perfected over time by our culinary ancestors. Behind every iconic dish lies a dedication to culinary craftsmanship, driven by the unwavering pursuit of deliciousness. It is a testament to people's inherent love for exquisite flavours. Indulge in our rich culinary heritage, where each bite tells a story of the enduring quest for gastronomic excellence.

About Us


Our products are meticulously crafted from fresh ingredients, and each order is prepared on the day of dispatch without the addition of any preservatives. All our WowzaBoxes are insulated and include ice packs. If our fresh and strictly prepared ingredients are kept at the safe temperature in the refrigerator, they will stay fresh for up to 3 days from the delivery date. This is especially significant, particularly for our marinated raw meat products, which have a limited shelf life due to their nature.

Unlike many meal kits or supermarket products available online, our meal portions tend to be quite generous. When we say it's a 2-person serving, it means you'll have plenty to enjoy without the worry of running out. We take pride in providing ample portions to ensure you're fully satisfied with your meal.

Absolutely! Our shopping cart page features a delivery calendar for you to select your preferred delivery time. You can choose Tuesday to Sunday within the next 40 days, and if you place your order before 3 PM or 1 PM on Saturday, the earliest delivery date you can choose will be the following day. We offer delivery Tuesday to Sunday, with no additional delivery charges on weekends.

We deliver to most of the UK, the next day.

If we don’t deliver to your area yet, please come back in the future for updated options and information.

Unfortunately, we DON'T yet deliver to:

PO boxes and:

Aberdeenshire AB31, AB32, AB33, AB34, AB35, AB36, AB37, AB38, AB41, AB42, AB43, AB44, AB45, AB46, AB47, AB48, AB49, AB50, AB51, AB52, AB53, AB54, AB55, AB56Argyll and Bute FK17, FK18, FK19, FK20, FK21

Guernsey GY Inverness postcode area IVIsle of Man IM Isle of Scilly TR21, TR22, TR23, TR24, TR25Isle of Wight PO30, PO31, PO32, PO33, PO34, PO35, PO36, PO37, PO38, PO39, PO40, PO41

Jersey JE Kirkwall postcode area KW North Ayrshire KA27, KA28Northern Ireland BTOuter Hebrides HS1, HS2, HS3, HS4, HS5, HS6, HS7, HS8, HS9

Paisley postcode area PA20, PA21, PA22, PA23, PA24, PA25, PA26, PA27, PA28, PA29, PA30, PA31, PA32, PA33, PA34, PA35, PA36, PA37, PA38, PA39, PA40, PA41, PA42, PA43, PA44, PA45, PA46, PA47, PA48, PA49, PA50, PA51, PA52, PA53, PA54, PA55, PA56, PA57, PA58, PA59, PA60, PA61, PA62, PA63, PA64, PA65, PA66, PA67, PA68, PA69, PA70, PA71, PA72, PA73, PA74, PA75, PA76, PA77, PA78, PA80, PA81, PA82, PA83, PA84, PA85, PA86, PA87, PA88Perth postcode area PH15, PH16, PH17, PH18, PH19, PH20, PH21, PH22, PH23, PH24, PH25, PH26, PH27, PH28, PH29, PH30, PH31, PH32, PH33, PH34, PH35, PH36, PH37, PH38, PH39, PH40, PH41, PH42, PH43, PH44, PH49, PH50

Shetland Islands ZE

We don’t offer recipe cards, we use video instructions instead. WowzaBox are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and reducing unnecessary paper products. You can also find written instructions at: When you cook our food multiple times, you are likely to become familiar with the cooking procedures and will no longer need to watch the videos. Thank you very much for your understanding and participation in our process of reducing carbon emissions.

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