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Refined and Timeless: Discover the Culinary Legacy of Chinese Cuisine

Experience the true essence of Chinese cuisine as we bring you the most authentic flavours and signature dishes from various regions of China.

Each classic Chinese dish on our menu has undergone centuries of refinement, with recipes perfected over time by our culinary ancestors. Behind every iconic dish lies a dedication to culinary craftsmanship, driven by the unwavering pursuit of deliciousness. It is a testament to people's inherent love for exquisite flavours. Indulge in our rich culinary heritage, where each bite tells a story of the enduring quest for gastronomic excellence.

產品理念 Why We Are So Good?

Genuine Resturant Quality

While many delivery boxes claim to offer restaurant-quality meals, they often fall short of true fine dining standards. At our establishment, we set ourselves apart by adhering to a higher benchmark. Our products are meticulously crafted to deliver the genuine flavours of the Orient, perfected over centuries by masterful chefs. Each classic dish embodies the passion, skill, and artistry of our culinary predecessors, who relentlessly pursued perfection in taste. We take immense pride in offering a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to embark on a gastronomic journey that immerses you in the authentic essence of Asian cuisine, all within the comfort of your own home.

Quick and Convenient

Our products not only deliver exceptional taste but also offer unparalleled speed and convenience. The complexities of preparing Asian cuisine at home often stem from intricate techniques such as meticulous marination, pre-frying, and the use of hard-to-find ingredients and spices. Our solution addresses these challenges perfectly, as we have expertly managed the most demanding preparations for you. By taking on the intricate aspects, we have simplified the cooking process, allowing you to enjoy the authentic flavours of Asian cuisine without any hassle. Experience the convenience and culinary excellence that our products bring, making your cooking journey enjoyable and stress-free.

Meet Our Founders - Joshy and Georgina

WowzaBox originated from a Chinese restaurant in Newcastle, England. After five successful years in the hospitality industry and earning local acclaim, we developed a passion for introducing authentic Oriental cuisine to customers across the UK. During our time running the restaurant, our biggest challenge was training local chefs to prepare foreign dishes to their original standards. It was difficult at first, but we found a way to systematise the complex cooking process to achieve consistently high quality. We soon realised that this method could be adapted for home cooks as well. By taking care of all the complicated prep work and leaving the final cooking to you, WowzaBox was born.

Since our launch in September 2022, our product has received widespread recognition, boasting a TrustPilot rating of 4.8 out of 5. We're just getting started, and we are committed to continuously learning and growing in our mission. With WowzaBox, we believe you can create true restaurant-quality dishes in your home kitchen.

We Believe In

We are dedicated to delivering an authentic culinary experience, celebrating the rich and diverse flavours of regional cuisines from Asia. Our menu features beloved favourites from across the UK, yet our true speciality lies in introducing signature dishes from various Asian regions, many of which remain rare gems in the British market. Each dish is meticulously crafted, ensuring a burst of genuine, vibrant flavours. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards, only including dishes when we are absolutely confident that they embody the same excellence as those prepared in the Orient.
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Authentic Flavour

We are devoted to delivering the true essence of Oriental cuisine, ensuring each dish bursts with genuine, vibrant flavours that transport you to the heart of Asia.

Chef-Crafted Cuisine

Our meals are crafted by experienced chefs who pour their expertise and creativity into every recipe, guaranteeing a gourmet experience that rivals the finest restaurants.
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Fresh Cooking is the Key

We believe that the secret to exceptional taste lies in fresh cooking. By providing pre-prepped ingredients, we empower you to create meals that are not only convenient but also bursting with fresh, delicious flavours.
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Sustainability & Care

We are committed to sustainability and ethical practices, ensuring that our operations are kind to both people and the planet. Our packaging is eco-friendly, and we source our ingredients responsibly to support a healthier world for future generations.