Our Suppliers

At WowzaBox, we take great pride in the quality and origin of our meat and fish. By sourcing our meat and fish from the UK and Europe, we aim to support local farmers and fishmongers while maintaining the highest standards of quality and traceability.

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Our Meat

• Topside Beef and Shin Beef: We carefully select our beef cuts from trusted farms in the UK, ensuring high standards of animal welfare and sustainable practices.• Chicken Oyster Thigh: Our flavourful chicken thighs come from local sources in England.• Pig’s Head: Sourced from trusted English farms, ensuring utmost freshness.• Pig Intestine, and Pig Stomach: These pork products are sourced from reputable farms in Germany, guaranteeing the highest quality.• Pork Belly and Pork Ribs: We prioritise sourcing these delectable cuts from Belgium.
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Fish and Seafood

• Our seafood is procured from a local fishmonger, Taylor Foods. With over 85 years experience in the fishing industry, we partner with them to ensure that our customers receive the freshest and sustainably sourced fish available: ASC and MSC certified.• Basa Fish: Responsibly farmed in Vietnam following the ASC global standard.
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What our customers say
There’s a reason I keep ordering.Justin Jules

Honestly one of my favourite places to order food from. I always enjoy trying something new. The recipes are very easy to follow on YouTube.

Fabulous food and first-class customer servicesY Liu

I've been a customer of Wowza for a while. Everything is incredibly yummy and authentic. The price is reasonable considering the portion size. And most importantly Wowza offers great customer services. We had two minor issues before and both been perfectly solved within minutes. I mean, it's rare in this country. So I would highly recommended Wowza to anyone wants to try the real Chinese cuisine.

Bloody lovely foodSimon Mason

Bloody lovely food - interesting well considered dishes. Quick delivery and well packaged. Video instructions are a little tricky when cooking multiple dishes but will definitely order again!

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