Our Sustainability Efforts

Packaging plays a crucial role in protecting products, preserving freshness, and reducing food waste. However, it should never come at the expense of our environment. At WowzaBox, we are committed to transforming our approach to packaging and embracing a sustainable future. That's why we wholeheartedly abide by the principle of "reduce, reuse, recycle", ensuring that our packaging practices align with our environmental values.

Reduce Food Waste

Did you know that globally, over one-third of all food goes to waste? It's a staggering statistic that highlights the urgent need for change. As you navigate the aisles of your local supermarket, you may notice that purchasing ingredients in smaller quantities, especially for small households of 1-2 people, can often be 30% more expensive per portion than buying in bulk. Furthermore, a significant portion of the ingredients we bring home end up being discarded and wasted. Imagine the untouched, one-time-use ingredients that linger in your pantry after an impulsive attempt at cooking a foreign cuisine. It's a frustrating reality that not only leads to financial inefficiencies but also contributes to the global food waste crisis.

But fear not, because WowzaBox is here to offer a delicious and sustainable solution. Our innovative product offering not only tackles the issue of food waste head-on but also provides a convenient and delightful culinary experience. We have carefully designed our offerings to minimize waste and solve the challenges of ingredient management. With WowzaBox, you can explore the flavours of Chinese cuisines without worrying about excess ingredients going to waste.

"Our product offering excels in reducing waste and effectively addressing the challenges faced by individuals who venture into cooking foreign cuisines. We understand the frustration of buying one-time-use ingredients only to see them go to waste. That's why WowzaBox is dedicated to providing a solution that not only minimises waste but also ensures a satisfying and sustainable culinary adventure." 

- Joshy Jin, WowzaBox Co-Founder

Recycle Our Packaging

By embracing the "reduce, reuse, recycle" ethos, we actively work to minimize our ecological footprint. At WowzaBox, we take pride in our packaging practices, with an impressive 95% of our packaging being recyclable or compostable. Let's delve into the details:

Our Box

Our boxes are not only recyclable but have also FSC approval, ensuring responsible sourcing and sustainable forestry practices.
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Ice pack

After enjoying your meal, simply drain the water from the ice pack, and recycle the plastic packaging for a second life.
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Wool liner

Our reusable and compostable wool liners not only offer excellent insulation but are also designed with sustainability in mind. The casing of the wool liner is recyclable as well, further minimizing waste.
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Vac Pack

While the film used in our vacuum-sealed packaging may not be recyclable—a challenge faced by many food production companies—we recognise that as a small business, influencing industry supply and technology is beyond our immediate capacity. However, what we can do is prioritise the selection of materials with lower volume and make concerted efforts to minimise usage. Most of our meat packs come in large quantities equivalent to or greater than similar supermarket meat packaging, helping reduce the overall plastic footprint.
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Sauce Container

All our plastic containers and lids are widely recyclable, promoting a circular economy and reducing the environmental impact.
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Vegetable Container

We package our vegetables in two types of containers: for dry vegetables, we use paper boxes that are fully recyclable, while for those with liquid content or not suitable for paper packaging, we use recyclable plastic containers. Although the film used in our vegetable containers may not be recyclable, the trays are made from recycled rPET plastic and are designed to be recycled, aligning with our commitment to sustainability.