Lucky Foods for Your Chinese New Year Feast
Jan 27, 2024
As we step into the Year of the Dragon, join us at WowzaBox, where you can discover the 🏮perfect festive feast to ensure a year of luck and good health🧧. Because, you see, amidst the delicious flavours, the true essence of Chinese New Year lies in bringing family and friends together to share joy. Cheers to a year filled with fortune, happiness, and delectable memories – that's the spirit of Chinese New Year! 🥂🐉🎊
Gong Bao Chicken Recipe
Oct 21, 2023
Discover the fascinating history and irresistible flavours of Gong Bao Chicken, a beloved Chinese dish. Ingredients: 300g chicken thigh, diced into 2cm cubes. 10g light soy sauce. Half an egg white. 2g salt. 10g Shaoxing Wine. 8g cornflour. 50ml vegetable oil.100g raw peanuts. Cooking oil for frying (amount as needed). 100g spring onions, chopped into 2cm pieces. 20g sun-dried chili pieces.3 tablespoons soy sauce...
Guizhou Cuisine: Why I Love It So Much
Jul 02, 2023
Chinese food is renowned worldwide and considered the most popular cuisine. However, it's challenging to describe Chinese cuisine as a...
Embrace the WowzaBox Way: Savouring Sustainable Delights, One Bite at a Time
Jun 22, 2023
We strive to use recyclable packaging materials as much as possible, with 95% of our packaging being recyclable now. Furthermore, we will continue to reduce and minimize our usage.
Shian (鮮 xiān): The Foundation Stone of Chinese Cooking
Jun 21, 2023
Shian plays a vital role in Chinese cuisine, and Chinese chefs strive to preserve and elevate its unique flavour in their cooking. Glutamate naturally occurs in various ingredients like meat, fish, mushrooms, and vegetables. Furthermore, aged sauces and broths are used to intensify and enrich the taste even further.
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